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About Us

Preslite Screenwiper Co. of Australia Pty. Ltd. was started in 1920, by watchmaker Mr H. A. Chivers, manufacturing ignition parts such as platinum contacts for magnetos, fuses, carbon brushes, points, rotors and condensers for cars.

During the Second World War, Preslite began manufacturing aircraft instruments such as tachometer generators, tachometer indicators, turn-and-bank indicators and gyroscopes for torpedos. Post-war, we progressed to manufacturing windscreen wiper motors and accessories for Australian-built cars.

Today, Preslite Drive Technologies (PDT) manufacture a wide range of Electric Motors that are commonly used for windscreen wipers, garage doors, automated gates, mobility aids, agricultural and dairy equipment.

With dedicated and experienced Engineering and Production staff, PDT can engineer and manufacture a motor to suit your specific needs.